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Parcel Box Rental

Parcel Box Rental


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Our parcel box rental service is a secure and accessible service for your parcels to be delivered to. You no longer have to miss deliveries to your home or work. No more having parcels left on your door step and worrying if they are still there on your return. Having a secure postal address suits many types of people. You may be an individual in a shared accommodation such as a student, someone who travels a lot, a new business starting up needing a mailing address or just want a separate mailing address.

We advise you by text and email when your package has arrived. We sign for all your mail and packages from any courier. You can access and collect your parcels 7 days a week.

Note: Your mailbox rental will start from the date of purchase, for the duration selected.

Price & Size Guide

Size Rental rates
460cm H x 460cm W X 460cm D Weekly rental £9 + VAT - Minimum rental 1 month
3 Months £99 + VAT - Save £9
6 Months £199 + VAT - Save £17
12 Months £405 + VAT - Save £27
Rental prices shown exclude vat which is chargable at current rate.