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Sarah the owner of Big Bear Storage has put together frequently asked questions about Self Storage.

What is Self Storage ?

It is service provided where you can bring your items to store securely in a room. They are various room sizes from a small locker to 1300 Sqft warehouse space. Sarah always recommends a visit to Big Bear Storage where you can be shown around and any questions you have can be answered.

What does it cost to Store ?

The cost is determined by the room size you have. The first floor rooms are a lower price than the ground floor.

Packing your room is a very key point when using self storage, so you are only paying for the smallest room you require. Sarah gives advice on how to pack your room correctly to save space.

Do I need Insurance ?

When using Big Bear Storage you have 2 options. Your existing company may be able to transfer your policy so your items are covered when in storage with Big Bear Storage. Alternatively you can take out an Insurance Policy with online and be covered immediately. They are very competitively priced, currently the rate is £0.69 per £1000 per week. (January 2017 rates can vary). Proof of your policy cover will be required when renting your storage room.

When Can I move into to Storage ?

This can be done on the day you visit. Bring with you 2 forms of ID one being photo ID such as a passport or driving license and an Utility Bill not more than 3 months old. Payment of the deposit along with the first invoice must be made before moving into storage.

Can I reserve a Storage Room ?

Yes, a deposit needs to be paid which is equivalent to 4 weeks rent. This will reserve a storage room. The deposit is fully refundable if the storage room is not used.

How Secure is Big Bear Storage Facility ?

We have 24 Hour CCTV Recorded System, along with Fire and Intruder Alarm System which makes the facility Highly Secure and Safe.

Do I get Discount ?

Discounts are available to all our customers and these vary on the length of time you store with us. We do give our customers up to 4 Weeks Free Storage. Call Sarah for an instant quote and find out the best offer available.

How do I pay for my Storage Room ?

Under the Terms and Conditions of the License to Store Goods a Direct Debit is to be setup payable to Big Bear Storage every 4 Weeks.

What is included in a Storage Room ?

All the Storage Rooms have Fluorescent Strip Lights which makes packing your room so much easier. The majority of the rooms have ceilings 10 feet high giving more storage space.

Can I Downsize or Upsize with a Storage Room ?

Yes, by all means as when taking on a storage room your circumstances may change with time. You might be decluttering or increasing on stock. Sarah will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Can I buy Boxes and Packaging ?

Yes, Big Bear Storage sells various double walled strong boxes, Wardrobe boxes, Bubble wrap of different lengths, tape and Padlocks. Please see our Shop page.